Nicholas Mogire Dear Alumni brethren,
Cum Deo Studere Vincere Est – With God, to Study is to Conquer… a befitting motto indeed!
It’s a great privilege and honour to welcome you, on behalf of the Interim Executive Management, to St. John’s Seminary Rakwaro Global Alumni Association.

The latest alumni initiative started in November 2016 in another attempt at gathering the great Rakwaro Alumni from disparate groups into one united brotherhood as a medium by which interests of St. John’s Minor Seminary, Rakwaro may be promoted, its development enhanced and its influence and services to the Church and the Nation continued and extended.

After wide consultations, it was agreed a departure from past approaches was an imperative if we were to have a sustainable Alumni Association. Through the Rector Father George Ocholla, the Seminary Administration and fellow Alumni, it was agreed that the best approach was to seek the advice and guidance from the Catholic Diocese of Homabay, under which the seminary falls. The Alumni approached the then Bishop, now the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kisumu, Right Reverend Phillip Arnold Subira ANYOLO for guidance, and he gave his blessings through an Alumni Charter (hereinafter referred as Alumni Resolution) and also agreed to be the Patron of the new initiative.

Since that humble beginning the Association has grown from strength to strength and is now a formal, voluntary, non-partisan, not-for profit association cultivating and perpetuating alumni relations whilst working on preserving and advancing the identity and mission of St. John’s Minor Seminary Rakwaro under the auspices of The Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay, Kenya and The Seminary Administration.

Major milestones include;

  • A 1,900% growth in membership in 3 years, from less than 20 alumni in December 2016 to over 380 alumni as of April 2019, a record.
  • Formal registration with the Registrar of Societies
  • Institutionalised banking facilities for the Alumni and Associates’ support of the Seminary and the Church, with monthly publication of Alumni Books of Accounts.
  • Initiation of Alumni projects, including;
  • Completion of the recent flagship project of renovation of the Seminary Chapel at a cost of over Kes 870,000.00 in less than a year
  • Launch of this Seminary website, including an Alumni interface
Joining Rakwaro as young aspirants to priesthood gave us an opportunity be formed in habits of piety and discipline from our earliest years. The seminary provided an environment in which we preserved our vocation during the turbulent and vulnerable years of adolescence, protected and shielded from the foul breath of the three-fold enemy; the world, the flesh and the devil. Although with time those who truly had a vocation from God were chosen out of the many of us called to Rakwaro, the habits formed during our time in the Minor Seminary have been of great benefit in our lives in the world, regardless of careers in life and capacities in which we individually serve the Lord, even for those of us who did not have a call to priesthood.

As Alumni we appreciate deeply the formation; physical activity and sports as an excellent means of character formation by its requirements for teamwork, responsibility and healthful competition; regular confession, spiritual direction, meditation, personal responsibility, cleanliness, order, self-discipline, music in choir and the unique Rakwaro Brass Band, manual labour and striving for excellence. This has formed the bedrock of character of Rakwaro Alumni; resilient, resolute, humble, tough and disciplined leaders in every capacity they end up serving the Lord.

Giving back to St. John’s Minor Seminary, Rakwaro is our way of saying thank you to our Patron, Right Reverend Phillip Arnold Subira Anyolo, the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kisumu, the Homa Bay Diocese, The Seminary Administration and Management personified by Father Rector George Ocholla, our formators and mentors, our respective missions and parishes, fellow Alumni and the Church at large for turning us boys into men and responsible global denizens.

Made in Rakwaro is a strong and unique brand which we wish to continue showcasing by carrying ourselves and conducting our individual affairs with a dignity that befits the status and privilege of having been formed in that great institution, and that we wish to pass on to the new generation of minor seminarians carrying the mantle to future generations.

~ Mogire Osiemo, Inaugural Interim Chair ~

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Admission to the Seminary

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