In October 199.. We headed for an interview at the Seminary. As the custom for recruiting form ones was, every parish in the whole country was to send a number that was determined by the Rector of the seminary. From our parish I think we went five of us but its only two of us who qualified. That's me and Paul Mbunya. Of course KCPE wasn't considered as part of the Qualifications. By the time I was sitting for my KCPE I had already known my results from the seminary that I was to report the second week of Jan.

First forward...we reported, orientation was done to us in the dining hall by the School Headboy. In the seminary pple eat together in one enough dining hall. By the way in total from form 1 to 4 we were 145 students. The dining hall had 15 tables each having maximum 10 students distributed as follows. 2 or 3 Form 1s, 2 Form 2s, 2 form 3s and 2 form 4s. Form 1s are the servers of all meals all year. Cleans the table after every meal, arranges the plates and caps in order on top of the table accordingly. Of course at meal time we could get every potion has been set aside for all the tables. Form 4s were the table masters and they are to be served the best, that's middle posho and top layer, if its posho day and if its nyoyo day you must give them enough soup and enough tea (we used to eat nyoyo with milk tea). Did I tell you that at the seminary we had freshian cows which was serving enough milk for the students breakfast tea and Maziwa lala? ....our table master was Fredrick Namo Butala and Monyeka. Our form threes were Chacha O'Mogaya Omuricha and John Kwanya Ngicho. I can't remember the form twos coz we were enemies. My fellow form ones were Philip Obinju and Ombidi somebody.

First forward..... We had something called magogo. This was a nickname for bread. Bread was a delicacy in the seminary and whoever cld sneak it in the compound could sell it at a fortune. Any kind of food was totally prohibited in the seminary. So we had a few expert magogo dealers who could beat the surveillance of the security and get in with magogo. Let me describe how it was trafficked in. The full bread could be flatted like a chapati then you tuck it in your trouser just below the belly down to under the zipper then you loosen your belt abit and of course the walking style will somehow change....that's one way but there were many ways for another day. At the shops outside bread was kshs 4.50 but if you bring it inside you cld sell it at kshs 10 to 14......

We had a rector who could roar like a lion. Every human being plus the all the cows and other animals feared him. Plus the sisters at the convent and even fellow priests. Part of the teaching staff were Priests and sisters were helping in the admin. and Fathers mess........ I don't if in your school you had this character. He was called Abu. Tall and slim. Liked volleyball so so much but didn't like visiting ablution area as in shower. The guy liked food he could walk from table to table trying ask for "nyongeza"...


Waking up for form ones and twos is 7:15am no preps if you are found going for preps suspension or heavy punishment with belt in the dining hall. By the way all officials invested in a very quality leather belt coz it was the only tool for whipping ofenders. Sleeping time is exactly 9:30pm no extension. The bell rings at 9:30pm everybody walks to the chapel for prayers which will take 10 mins max. By exactly 10pm lights off.

Wake up go to the ablution, shower and by exactly 7:45 its chapel which takes 15 mins. 8am breakfast then 8:30am morning lessons till 1pm lunch. By 1:45pm lunch is done everybody changes to game skits and report to your station. There was every game for every body and it was a must. If you are found not participating you will go home for one week. I was recruited into volleyball because of my height and straight away I was in the first team with Chacha mogaya, Henri Otunga, Philip obinchu, Etc. I know Emmanuel Essandah will complain why I haven't mentioned him but he joined form 1 when I was in form after games which ends at 3:45pm its ablution then classes from 4:30pm to 5:30pm then chapel it may be mass or just prayers but of course we must have mass everyday either morning or evining. Supper was from 6:30 to 6:45pm then from 7pm classes till 9:30pm.


Was it Saturday nite or Friday nite from 8pm to 9:30pm which was recreation day. Music in the dance hall and our DJ was Fondo Nzovu and Peter Onchoke......

I won't forget one incidence as I conclude. In the classes block there is a way the ground levels differ. If you get into that block from the dining hall side its on level ground. As you towards the end of the block the level is like 3m high so there are steps that drops you down and of course they did rooms down there. So there was a bull which was nicknamed "Yokozuna," after the famous wrestling guy it was huge and fat like him. The bull was "handsome too. By the way we had a student in my class ,form 1, who was also equally fat and he was baptised " Yoko" he became the head of cheating squad, the guy was like the current Jaro Soldier of Gor Mahia. He was the one to choose who goes with the team for any sports function outside the seminary that is Thadeus Aseta. Did I tell you that St. Johns was both good in sports and books? Yes we were. Volleyball we could be eliminated by Migori boys in the district level while football Kanga boys or sometimes Kanyawanga boys. In books its only St. Johns and Kanga high that's from the then migori district that could appear in top 100 schools nationally and of course our area was top 50 nationally.

Back yokozuna the bull...the cows loved walking on the verandah of our classes so much and they could drop their shit on floor which was so annoying. All the barriers that were erected to stop them couldn't work. So one day I don't know what happened.....Yoko was on the vareandah just after evening classes and it passing near the form 4 class. As I had told you earlier that at around form class the ground level is 3m down. So the form 4s started chasing yoko down stairs while chanting "nyama! Nyama! Nyama! Nyama!" And of course by the time Yoko reached middle of the stairs as it was running down it broke its fore limp........yoko couldn't be treated it couldn't walk, then the only option was to slaughter it. Obonsi Dave Bwombega can you remember how many months we ate yokos matumbo before we started on its meat? May be Paul Ogwari who was the "tiniest" boy in the whole school can tell us.

Guys Seminary was like Kiganjo! Ama niaje Philip Omolo?

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Admission to the Seminary

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