Mr. Michael Mukobe I look back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings...perhaps one of my best teachers who inspired me to greater heights was Mr Michael Mukobe my teacher at St Johns Minor Seminary Rakwaro.

"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think" that was the usual punchline of "Mzee wa Kazi" i must come across as flat and restrained, without my usual punchlines, academic arrogance and vibrancy. I must assume a laid back, conforming and forlorn figure when praising my hero.

Mr Mukobe is to me a giant, literally in physique and metaphorically in intellectual achievement and breadth ,depth and knowledge in a variety of fields.

In the English / Literature classes or any opportunity he filled the space with an awesome presence accomplished by sharpness of wit and style of delivery that only he could master. He had a unique way of combining humor and intellectual argument and this captivated us in a special way

I must admit that i derived the passion to pursue Literature in my Higher Education studies because i needed to extend the exploration of the ideas that Mr Mukobe gave to us

Mr Mukobe is a jack of all trades he must have inspired many more students before me having had the longest teaching stint at the Seminary dating back to the early 90"s.

I few months i bumped into him along the Seminary corridors and the "giant" has not lost his mojo...he was upbeat and well composed we exchanged niceties and had a wonderful discussion on Teaching as a profession so inspiring was this discussion that i look forward to meeting him again.

St John’s Seminary had and still pride themselves in good teachers Most of my teachers were Catholic priests and it must also be mentioned that they did a great job in our spiritual and academic development.

If i meet them i would probably be generous to them and remind them of our good old days at the Seminary.

Thank You Mwalimu.
I am writing this because you taught me not how to write but how to think to write.

Hats off
Long Live the King

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Admission to the Seminary

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